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photo1We develop and implement strategies for identifying cost-optimal management solutions to ensure the serviceability and safety of infrastructure systems. The tools we provide are simple to use, while based on the state-of-the-art in risk and decision analysis.

Offshore and Marine Systems

photo1 From risk assessment studies for new engineering concepts to the optimization of asset integrity management procedures of offshore plattforms and floating production systems, we are at the forefront of offshore engineering applications. Our iPlan software is used by operators for planning and optimizing inspections.
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Civil Engineering Applications

photo1 We help clients in documenting the acceptability of risks, we develop bases for design of special constructions, we assess fire risks for insurances, we perform statistical analyses, and much more. Together with our associated experts, we have experience in a wide range of civil engineering applications.

Natural Hazards

photo1 From the assessment of large-scale natural hazards such as earthquakes or typhoons to the detailed spatial risk analysis of rockfall or avalanches, we are utilizing the latest tools to efficiently provide our clients (governmental bodies, insurance and engineering companies) with optimal strategies for dealing with natural hazards.